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Freelance photographer, artist, maker of things, and travel enthusiast.  

received my BA in Studio Art at the University of Notre Dame May of 2020. My journey as an art major at Notre Dame has been quite a wild ride. Beginning as a sociology major, curious about social behavior and criminology and minoring in studio art, I explored many areas of social theory, art history, and experimented with many art mediums. Through this experimental process, it wasn’t until my final semester junior year that I considered pursuing studio art as my major. Though my interests vary greatly, I’ve always found myself drawn towards the arts. Whether it be taking photographs from my travels, making my own dramatic home videos, participating in musicals, plays, dancing and taking practically every art course in each art department, I couldn’t help myself. I fell in love with not only the ability to create, but also to connect with the art community, to explore both my interests and self-identity through art. I am fascinated with the connection between art and society and how creative expression in all of its forms can have a plethora of effects.

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